What? La Grille - the classic Loire

Based at La Grille in Chinon, Courtiers en Vins Charles and Philippa Sydney have spent the last 25 years working with vignerons across the length and breadth of the Loire Valley.


The result is a range of characterful wines from a team of leading wine makers from each of the main Loire regions. Choice, quality and consistency:


La Grille - Classic French wines from the Loire Valley



Why? The Loire made easy...

With something over 100 appellations and several thousand producers, the Loire Valley seems complicated enough for the 'experts'. Where do you start?


We've created the La Grille Classic Loire range to offer a fun and tasty way to discover the real classics of the region. Made by key winemakers along the river, these are really lovely wines that show just how good the Loire can be - at prices that won't make your bank manager scream.


Better still, where the appellation is well known (Vouvray, Muscadet...), then we've put that nice and big on the label - but when it's the grape variety that is better known (Sauvignon, Chenin, Pinot Noir) then you'll see that clear as can be.


The Loire made easy...

Where? In the vineyard (of course!)

The fun bit of winemaking is in the winery. The Loire's climate is what they call 'marginal' - making for beautifully balanced wines with real fruit and freshness - but only if you do things right. 


The hard bit is getting fully ripe, healthy grapes, so the real work is in the vineyard - and we pride ourselves on working with growers who know exactly what they're doing.... and then we complicate things further by asking them to use sustainable vineyard methods.